Patterns for the Senses

Patterns in Nature appear like delicious candy to my senses – colors, contrasts, textures, blends, shapes, aromas, tastes, and sounds – make my mouth water and my mind race to obsession, studying the patterns.

Like a child waiting impatiently for yummy “NUM-NUMcookies to be taken from the oven, patterns appear in everyday things and events – if one is looking for them. I actively seek these patterns for my photo collections from Nature. And behold, there are other patterns – real but imagined, too small to see, mathematical – worth being sought. These others are sweetest; few see them.

All patterns take time to research and study; there is so little time. Actively seeking and studying patterns, I created hundreds of categorized collection folders of my photos, sketches, and studies. An individual folder’s collection may contain hundreds of related pattern photos and sketches. Collection folders include such categories as doors, urban icons, parametric growth, geometric packing, kinetics, hand tools, funicularity, equilibrium…and so forth.

This website organizes my photo collection categories into relatable, bite-sized chunks of blogged, organized material. I want to share images, their stories, and researched information in my collection’s PATTERNS with others who are interested.



2023 FEBRUARY 24 MAPS ARE NOT JUST ROADMAPS Mathematics, ray tracing, art, weather forecasts, astronomy, and cartography all use concepts and patterns of mapping.

2023 MARCH 14 PATTERNS OF PLACE – DOORS Patterns of common items in a city – doors, for instance – reveal the character of the place.

2023 MARCH 26 PATTERNS OF GROWTH – A STUDY Parametric growth patterns are programmed to connect cells in a growing structure, creating shapes reminiscent of vines.

2023 MARCH 30 A MNEMONIC MIND GAME (revised) “Everything you can imagine is real.”   Pablo Picasso

2023 APRIL 6 NATURALLY CUBIC We each have our own personal “cubic zone”, an innate sense of up, down, front, back, right, and left. Our personal cubic, frame of reference goes with us everywhere.

Pattern recognition and understanding is …the whole of human scientific and artistic endeavor…the attempt to discover Pattern in Nature.    Ian Alexander

2023 APRIL 19 PATTERNS OF PLACE PHILIPPINE JEEPNEYS Jeepneys are to Manila as casinos are to Las Vegas – a unique, colorful, symbolic pattern of place.