Patterns for the Senses

Patterns in Nature appear like appealing cuisine to my senses – colors, contrasts, textures, blends, shapes, aromas, tastes, and sounds emitted from a kitchen or grill heighten awareness of my appetite.

NUM-NUM… like a child again, waiting impatiently for a plate of a favorite food to be set down in front of me, I seek patterns and make my own patterns for my photo collections from Nature and the Human-made environment.

And I want to share these images and stories of PATTERNS with others.


Mnemonic Mind Games

“Everything you can imagine is real.”   Pablo Picasso Do you play abstract mind games to help you memorize spatial arrangements in your habitual spaces?   This article is intended for intuitive, creative people seeking ways to design and make things – craftspeople, designers, builders, technicians, architects, and engineers – by focusing on, and borrowing from, both…

Properties of Patterns

“Pattern recognition and understanding is …the whole of human scientific and artistic endeavor…the attempt to discover Pattern in Nature.“   Ian Alexander Are you one of those people who recognize and see patterns around you, when maybe others do not? What do you see that says you are seeing a pattern? This article is intended for…

Place Maps

Place Maps “Names of places, of camps and of lakes are all important to us, for that is the way we travel – with names…Most of the names you come across when travelling are very old. Our ancestors named them because that is where they traveled.”    The Sea Ice is Our Highway: An Inuit…